'I looked across the black waters. My beloved was over there somewhere, in the gloom.'

I was inspired by the Ancient Greek Orpheus myth: Orpheus must cross the river Styx to retrieve his beloved Eurydike, but finds Kharon the Ferryman unwilling to take him. 

This is a submission to Grim's Greek MytholoJam 2018. It's a short piece of interactive fiction.

There are one or two references to the Mousai, as per the jam's loose theme. 

Here is a link to the piece of music which came to mind when I was thinking about participating in this jam, in case you want to take a deep dive into my influences.

Ideally, I would have started earlier and given it more polish, artwork, etc. I will add what I can as and when I have time.  I also apologise for any spelling or grammatical errors that I haven't managed to weed out.

I created this in inky, by inkle.

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