Explore Spree's garden... 

Wander around, look at stuff; there is an 'ending', but the music might have driven you mad before you get to it (take care in case it is too loud!!).

I made this for the Bitsy One Room Jam. I ran out of time so.... sorry if it feels rough.

Made in  Bitsy HD (thanks Adam Le Doux and Von Bednar), using further hacks from the repo - thanks Sean Le Blanc.  Thanks again to anyone and everyone on the discord channel who helped me with their answers and questions. 


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Love your sprites <3 Also, the music fit the mood very nicely.

lovely! all the little details build such a strong mood.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the world :}

I enjoyed this - really nice art, and nice hinting about the world outside of the garden.

Really glad you liked it, thank you :>