The Oracle foretold... the cow would lead Kadmos to the destined place, and there he should found a city... but how? Who would be his citizens?!

I've used the myth of Kadmos/Cadmus founding the city of Thebes as the basis for my story because (a) I wanted to use an ancient Greek pottery colour palette and (b) there are teeth involved... I took some pattern inspiration from pots in the Beazley Archive.

This game was made for the Bitsy Tooth Jam, I ran out of time a bit so there's probably lots in here that doesn't work properly, I will try to get back and fix it. 

Made in  glorious Bitsy HD (thanks to Adam Le Doux and Von Bednar for the tool), using further hacks from the repo - thanks Sean Le Blanc. And thank you also to everyone who helped answer my questions on the discord channel, and everyone else whose questions in turn helped me to find answers.


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This is quirky and fun! I loved the ending :3 teeth teeth tEETH TEETH

That's kind of you to say, thank yeeth, eeth... TEETH TEEETHH


Thank you! That's kind.

love to farm some teeth! this is very funny, and your art is beautiful

Ahh thank you that's really nice!!!